Recognizing Automatic Bias: Exploring Default Thinking and Its Origins

Recognizing Automatic Bias: Exploring Default Thinking and Its Origins
In 2005, I did the Landmark Forum, which is to say I participated in a three-day inquiry into what it means to be. One of the key distinctions of the Landmark technology is “Already Always Listening.”
Already Always Listening distinguishes a person's perception of events and people as a function of their listening rather than being sourced—influenced—by the people and events themselves.
Imagine you're a real estate agent, and you've been working in the industry for several years. Over time, you've developed certain perceptions about different types of clients based on past experiences. For instance, you might believe that first-time homebuyers are often indecisive and overly cautious, making the buying process longer and more challenging.
One day, a young couple contacts you about buying their first home. Before meeting them, your "Already Always Listening" kicks in, and you expect them to be hesitant and unsure of what they want. This perception influences how you interact with them from the start. You might unconsciously steer the conversation in a way that assumes their indecisiveness or overwhelm them with too much information, trying to preempt their perceived need for extra guidance.
However, this couple turns out to be well-researched, confident, and clear about their needs and budget. Because of your Already Always Listening—preconceptions—you initially miss out on recognizing and leveraging their readiness and decisiveness, which could have made the process smoother and more efficient for both parties.
By becoming aware of your "Already Always Listening," you can consciously approach each new client without these automatic judgments. This fresh perspective allows you to listen more openly and respond to their needs and behaviors rather than your preconceived notions. Doing so enhances your effectiveness as a real estate agent and improves client satisfaction.
I have another distinction to introduce you to: “Thrownness.” Thrownness refers to the concept that individuals are born into a set of circumstances and conditions they did not choose, such as their family, culture, historical period, and socioeconomic status. These pre-existing conditions shape their experiences, perspectives, and behaviors, influencing how they are in the world. It is where their Already Always Listening begins to develop.
Understanding Thrownness helps individuals recognize the factors beyond their control that have impacted their lives and encourages them to consciously navigate and respond to these influences.
Here’s an example of Thrownness: Imagine two nearly identical situations. A 5-year-old boy and his mom were walking in their backyard when encountering a garden snake. The mother yells, “Snake,” grabs the boy by the arm, and whisks him out of harm’s way and into the house.
In another scenario, a different boy and his mom are exploring their backyard when they encounter a garden snake. The mother, marveling at the snake's beauty, picks it up, shows her son a closer view, and shares some knowledge about snakes. After a few minutes, they put the snake down and continued exploring.
Neither approach to snakes is right nor wrong. However, the boys will grow up with very different views of snakes. These two boys were thrown into their perceptions of life—at least regarding the snake world—and will likely see no other perspective.
By becoming aware of your Already Always Listening and Thrownness, you can let go of the stories you have about people and events. This awareness allows you to be in the realm of what’s so, which is a powerful place to be. From there, you can create new possibilities for your life and see them come to fruition.
I can help you become aware of your Already Always Listening and Thrownness. Let’s talk on my dime and explore the possibilities for your life when you live without preconceived notions. There are many ways to reach me.

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Ready for a New You? Begin Your Personal Transformation

Ready for a New You? Begin Your Personal Transformation
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