Are You in Business? Then You Are in The Business of Lead Generation.
This is written for real estate agents, and it applies to anyone that runs a business. Read it about you. 

Generating seller leads boils down to one essential factor: meaningful conversations. The most effective level for these interactions is through direct voice calls or face-to-face meetings. Texts and social media, while useful in many contexts, seldom yield successful seller listing appointments.

Approaching these conversations involves two fundamental methods. The first is when the seller initiates contact with you, while the second entails you reaching out to the seller.

Undoubtedly, lead generation can be a challenging journey. It often involves encountering rejection, being ignored, and experiencing abrupt disconnections. The pursuit of appointments that don't materialize can leave you feeling disheartened and unfulfilled. This is largely due to an "in-order-to" dynamic that's at play. To illustrate, you might focus on a potential seller segment such as your sphere of influence, for sale by owners, expired listings, or the daunting circle call. In this scenario, the dynamic unfolds as follows: "In order to secure a seller listing, I must make numerous phone calls." But there's an alternative perspective worth considering, one that still involves calls or meetings.

Imagine if you approached each conversation as an opportunity to create or reinforce a new relationship. Rather than treating appointments as the sole objective, you'd focus on nurturing connections. Remove the "in-order-to" element from the equation. Instead of immediately soliciting business, strive to understand the individual's circumstances and offer assistance when possible.

It's a widely acknowledged fact that people are generally averse to being pursued aggressively. This sentiment is rooted in our personal experiences. Thus, it's time to shift away from relentless pursuit. Make conversations centered on the relationship itself, rather than your own gain. Embrace the notion that a 'no' can simply mean 'not yet.' Envision a scenario where the primary objective is to establish or enhance relationships, rather than acquiring something.

Reflecting on my own experiences, I've discovered that conversations aimed at creating or nurturing relationships tend to be far more successful than those driven by an "in-order-to" mindset.

I'm genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter. Your insights and perspectives could further enrich this approach to lead generation.

An acknowledgement: I express deep gratitude for the numerous teachers who have been a part of my life's journey. From the educators I actively engaged with to those who silently imparted invaluable lessons, I am truly indebted to all of you for shaping the course of my life. Your impact is immeasurable, and I owe a significant portion of my life's journey to each one of you.


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